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Online hypnotherapy sessions now available. Enjoy the wonderful relaxation of hypnotherapy from the safety and comfort of your own home.
Standard Session - £70 ........Sample & See Session - £35
Simply pay on the day of your session.
Weight Loss - £70
Hypno Gastric Band - £80
Quit Smoking -£140
Children are great at hypnosis!

Why? - They respond so well to hypnotherapy for two main reasons:-
  1. They are very open to hypnotherapy with fewer misconceptions about it than adults.
  2. They have an active and powerful imagination that they use all the time and very easily. Imagination is the tool of the sub-conscious mind where positive change becomes possible.

Why might you consider hypnotherapy for your child?

Hypnotherapy can help with the following issues:-

Sleeping Difficulties
Enuresis & Encopresis
Tics & habits
Obsessive Thoughts
Compulsive Actions
Being Bullied
Behaviour Problems
Learning & Exams

What next?

Following your enquiry I email you a ‘Child Profile’ for you to complete.
  1. Information Guide provided for you, explaining how to discuss the appointment with your child so they have an idea of what to expect and are happy to come along.
  2. Sessions planned and tailored to your child and their interests.
  3. You attend the session with your child.
  4. Follow-up actions/recordings are provided between sessions to help facilitate change.​​​​​​​

For me the most important starting point for success is to help the child feel at ease, have fun and enjoy the sessions; the reward is seeing them blossom.
You might find you enjoy the sessions so much you want some hypnotherapy for yourself too!

By Jan Page, Serenity Hypnotherapy

Here is a simple technique for calming emotions, whether its anxiety, anger, sadness or even just 'overthinking'.
All you need is a Snowglobe and the desire to change how you're feeling.
1. Take two deep breaths.
2. Close your eyes for a moment and observe how you're feeling. Give a name to it.
3. Open your eyes, two more deep breaths.
4. Shake the Snowglobe and focus on the snow jumping, falling. Each flake represents the thoughts in your mind, the emotions swirling all over the place.
5. Now just watch the snow settle, your thoughts, emotions settling, calming as they float to the ground, just sinking, melting, calming, disappearing.

By Jan Page, Serenity Hypnotherapy


Anxiety is much more common than you would think. It can affect even the most positive of us, at any point in our lives, male or female, whatever our profession, whether we are in our teens or seventies, anxiety does not discriminate.

Many people struggle with their anxiety on a daily basis yet somehow manage to keep it secret from their friends and even their family. The secret is often hidden by excuses, excuses to avoid doing the things that trigger their anxiety.

Some don’t realise that the cause of their issue is actually a form of anxiety, they just know they are avoiding things; others don’t acknowledge it because of the negative associations attributed by society. And when anxiety is not confronted or dealt with it can rapidly spiral out of control affecting many areas of life, social life, work life, family and relationships.

See below some of the most common anxiety symptoms reported by my hypnotherapy clients.
  • Heart racing
  • Rapid breathing
  • A need to escape a place or situation
  • Avoidance
  • I.B.S
  • A sudden or unnecessary need to rush to the toilet
  • O.C.D, constant checking
  • ‘Irrational’ fear of driving
  • A ‘racing’ mind
  • Feelings of worry or disquiet for no discernable reason
  • Excessive emotions
  • Teeth clenching or biting cheeks
  • Fear of meetings or talking to certain people

Everyone’s anxiety is different, personal to them; there may be just one main symptom or a number of them. Depression and insomnia can often also accompany anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of dealing with anxiety, with positive changes possible in just a matter of weeks. Just the simple process of learning how to really relax with hypnosis has its benefits, however the greatest changes can take place by identifying and healing the original cause, often consciously unknown but revealed during hypnosis. This then leaves you free to replace the old behaviours with new more positive ones, created and anchored during hypnosis.

If you’d like to read some of my clients stories about how hypnotherapy has helped them with anxiety please take a look at the testimonials page on my website.


By Jan Page, Serenity Hypnotherapy

'Sample & See' Session - Now only £25 [for a limited period]
Find out about hypnotherapy and enjoy a wonderful relaxation session with a complimentary CD to enjoy as many times as you like at home.
Whatever your sport, whether it's golf, tennis, martial arts, marathon running or even kick boxing you'll know that how you feel on the day can have either a positive or negative impact on your results.

Successful athletes are often able to control their state of mind so they have a psychological advantage which prevents them from under-performing or giving into their nerves. Your mental attitude is a crucial element, a secret weapon, that can focus your attention, boost your confidence and give you the edge over your competitors.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help you to eliminate negative thoughts or doubt, focus your attentions and help you get into the 'zone'.

During hypnosis you tap into your ability to imagine and visualise success and if the human mind is capable of imagining something it's capable of making it happen.

Hypnosis can help athletes:
  • improve their confidence and self-belief
  • remove negative thoughts or beliefs
  • increase motivation and dedication
  • use deep relaxation and concentration to imagine success
  • maintain composure and overcome distractions.

Interested in finding out more and getting that winning edge? Then give me a call or book a 'taster' session to discover the true power of your mind.

By Jan Page
If you could flip a switch right now and change something about yourself, that would improve your quality of life, what would it be?

At times our zest for life and general contentment can take a dip as a result of stress, health problems, emotional issues or simply circumstances. It’s often the easy option to just ‘put up with it’ when there is no simple solution in sight or perhaps you’ve tried medication or counselling and nothing seems to be helping.
Maybe all is well with you, but you just feel like you’re not reaching your potential because of lack of confidence or low self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can help you to make those positive changes you’ve been considering; it can help you to achieve those goals, build motivation and guide you through the process of change. All you need to do is make a decision, commit to it and take action for the first step towards living the life you want to live. Can hypnotherapy help you? Take a look at the benefits below and you decide.

Top Ten Benefits of Hypnotherapy

1. Relieves stress and tension.
2. Relaxes muscles, body, lowers blood pressure.
3. Calms a ‘racing’ mind.
4. Promotes peace of mind and contentment.
5. Emotional and psychological healing.
6. Replaces negative habits with positive ones.
7. Motivates change, e.g. weight loss.
8. Builds confidence & self-esteem.
9. Improves performance, e.g. sports, stage, tests.
10. Promotes quality sleep.

By Jan Page
“I’m a hypnotherapist.” These three little words are a great ice-breaker when meeting people for the first time.  A number of questions typically follow, the most common, “Does it really work?” And my reply, “If people are willing and ready to make a change, it certainly does!”

Every day is different in the life of a hypnotherapist. This week I’ve helped someone conquer the fear of leaving the house, another to beat depression and anxiety; I’ve built confidence and self-esteem, healed the grief of bereavement and brought an end to comfort eating.

It’s a role that’s really rewarding, what could be better than bringing back smiles? Clients often say, “I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back”.

If you’d like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you please take a look at the testimonials to see what my clients say or give me a call on 023 92 264464.

By Jan Page
Stressed out at the end of a working day? Your mind racing?

Take 5-10 mnutes writng a 'To Do'' list for the following day, business tasks and personal tasks.
Then close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and say to yourself, "My work is done, my mind is clear, its now my time to relax". Now just allow yourself to let go of it all and enjoy your evening.

You'll sleep better and be more productive the next day. Give it a try and let me know how you get on, just send an email from the 'contact us' page.

By Jan Page